Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Hats, horns, noisemakers and a snack set this stage for a successful and fun holiday party. Patrons danced and sang, listened to some great first night stories, made New Year's Day crafts and munched on patron-made party mix. May everyone have a glorious and Happy New Year!

Brian Gillie: Best Songs of the 20th Century

With the help of musician, Brian Gillie, patrons sang along to some great songs of the 2oth Century.
Patrons enjoyed music from Fats Waller to Gershwin to American Broadway, all on a gray day in January.

A Magic Show!

Magician, Bryan Flint entertained fifty- -five children and their parents with amazing feats of magic during the school holiday on December 28th.

The Clock is Back

The elegant and handsome grandfather clock has returned and it keeps time with precision.