Friday, August 19, 2011

Leonardo Da Stinky Visits With Magic Ed

The audience waits patiently for Magic Ed and his special sidekick, Leonardo Da Stinky, for an-around- the-world-magic program with audience participation. This performance was one of 160 programs offered by The Farmington Libraries for families this summer.

The Annual Barney Library Carnival of Fun celebrated the end of the summer reading program with booths that included tattoos, face painting, a cool pop walk, cl0wn heads, parrot headbands and fruit loop necklaces, as well as fishing for prizes, and feed the clown. Over 100 people attended The One World Many Stories finale.

Happy Birthday To Me!

The Schultz Children celebrated their birthday with a party. Guests brought books as presents and Lily and her brother donated the books to The Barney Library. The next time you check out a book and notice a bookplate inside acknowleging The Schultz' birthday presents, you will have checked out one of these special donations. Thank you to this special family!

Houdini Box Creators

Programmers from the main library took turns presenting activities at The Barney Library this summer. Proud artists from Miss Angela's Houdini Box program display their magical creations
in the children's section at Barney and then they disappeared! Houdini magic works.

A Touch of Jazz Trio

Despite a rainy evening, Village Vibrations went on inside The Barney Library with Vin Cassotta's A Touch of Jazz Trio playing sultry tunes. The group dazzled the crowd with new songs written by Vin Cassotta as well as favorite hits from Louie Armstrong and other jazz greats. Their performance brought sunshine to the village on a stormy night.

Comic Relief With Andrew Weil

Andrew Weil, a poet from West Hartford who facilitates poetry workshops for seniors, delighted an audience of fifty people during a summer afternoon at The Barney Library. Reading his original poetry on subjects that included toilet paper, candy machines, body organs, and his car mechanic, Andy got those happy hormones going by sparking laughter. A good time was had by all.